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Angie is no stranger to the Australian music industry. With well over 2 decades of singing professionally she has shared the stage with world class artists. Her undying passion to raise up the next generation of young singers, songwriters and musicians is second to none.


Angie also carries a deep conviction to share her journey of life's ups and downs through the means of empowering workshops specialising in topics such as identity, purpose, vision and the art of story telling in song and does not shy from tackling life's big issues through open, honest and transparent conversations.

Her motto that 'Life is One Big Awkward Conversation' is her basis for all her workshops. In a world filled with technology and the distraction of social media Angie brings home the importance of authentic human connections and belonging in a society craving healthy sustainable relationships.

Angie has a natural vibrant spirit and positivity which she shares with those around her. She has used her position and ability to touch people through music by utilising the most powerful tool she knows: her story and her voice.

Angie currently resides in Melbourne and is available to facilitate a workshop for your team, organisation, church creative team, women's groups, school and corporate enterprises. 



Mirror Mirror - this workshop is for emerging young women and women of all ages. Designed around the topics of identity, vision and purpose.

The Art of Story Telling Through Song - the difference between a good singer and a great singer is not their technical ability or form. A great singer compels you to lean in. He or she moves you to the core where the sound of their voice transcends the here and now and takes you to a time past or present. This workshop is designed to equip you with the essential tools to effectively tell the story of a song.

The Language of Style - this workshop is fun, engaging and very informative. Angie takes you on a practical journey of genres and understanding the elements that make up soul, rnb, rock, jazz, blues and pop music.

Colloquium - is latin for conversation. Presented in a round table relaxed setting 3 generations discuss and answer hard hitting subject matters and questions bringing together the wisdom, experience and stories of the past, present and future.

For more information or to book Angie please email Angie Narayan at

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